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I just got home to find my Channel A prototype from The Game Crafter waiting for me. I took some photos with my phone, though the quality of the photos makes me think I should invest in a digital camera at some point. Anyway.

I’m really happy with it overall, though it is definitely an intermediate step in the development process. The printing quality is quite good overall, though my lack of experience making stuff for color printing shows through a bit I think. The yellow of the vote card backs came out kind of dull for example. A few of the title cards show some artifacting (which I don’t really know what to do about), but overall they look good.

The major thing I did design-wise was to give the title cards both a plain text “index” and a fancy logo, to make it easier to see what’s in your hand and then lay it out in front of the other players. I’ll have to see how they handle in play, but at a cursory look trying to arrange some cards to take pictures of it seems to work. I also added footnotes explaining what certain cards mean, since not everyone is enough of a Japanophile or whatever to know the significance of Akihabara and Harajuku.

The Game Crafter offers a few different options for boxes, and none are quite right for a card game with 310 cards. Tuck boxes top out at 108 cards, and after that is a box that holds 248 cards or a corrugated cardboard box that holds over 700 cards. I got their basic black box (because it’s cheap) with a sticker (because I can, and it shows off PlayerProphet's artwork). My sticker design needs some work, but the quality of printing on the sticker is excellent at least. The cards came in plastic bags, so if I wanted to keep the game in that box I could use those, but for my own purposes I was able to get a basic card box that holds 300 cards for 89 cents at a local game store.

The rules are just a laser printout on letter size paper folded into thirds, and I think I’ll have to see about making it into a tri-fold booklet.

I have one or two friends who’ve expressed interest in getting the game to take conventions, so I’m thinking of making it publicly available through TGC, though I am going to make a few small refinements first.

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