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A while back I made custom cards for Cards Against Humanity, two fan expansions called “Grognards Against Humanity” (for stuff from the tabletop RPG scene) and “Weeaboo Bullshit” (for stuff from anime fandom). I then made a set of tiff files to get them printed up by Superior POD so I could use them with my CAH set from Amazon. (It’s a bit expensive, but you can use the files to get your own sets if you like; I included instructions.) In the mean time I got the two official expansions too, so I’ve now made my CAH mega-set with the base set, the two official expansions, and my two fan expansions, which comes out to about 1,000 cards. The cards from Superior POD have brighter whites and are a little lower quality than the official CAH cards, but they fit in with the other cards reasonably well, and the simple look of CAH (use Helvetica) is pretty easy to duplicate after all.

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