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Magical Burst: Instant Magical Girl Creation Example

For the next draft of Magical Burst I’m revising and expanding the random tables in the appendix into a full “Instant Magical Girl” section that should provide a more or less complete character. Here’s an example of it in action:

0. Name: For the character’s name I roll up Arisugawa Mitsuki (using the Japanese order, so Mitsuki is her given name), and her magical girl name is Lovely Peach Lyrical Mitsuki.

1. Girl Type: I roll 25, which is “Lovestruck.” So the first thing I know about Mitsuki is that she’s head over heels in love with someone.

2. Why did she become a magical girl? 55 gives me “Maybe it’ll inspire me to finally write again.” So Mitsuki likes to write, but has been having writer’s block, possibly something to do with unrequited love.

3. What is her wish? 25 is “I wish I could be popular.” Does she want that certain someone to notice her, or is she hoping to become a famous author? I think I’ll say it’s both.

4. Magical Element: 65 gives me plastic of all things. Not sure what to do with that.

5. Magical Weapon: 15 turns up “Bell.” I decide it’s something like in Tokyo Mew Mew, basically a magic talisman she uses as a focus in place of a magic wand.

6. Magical Power: 14 is “Walk Through Walls.” Maybe some stalker tendencies?

7. Magical Effects: I roll 2 and 4, which gives me Healing Touch and Magic Shield. I guess she could have some way to defend herself by phasing through things and represent that with Magic Shield, but the Healing Touch doesn’t quite fit, so I’m going to break with what the rolls tell me and pick Magic Strike as her other Magical Effect, the idea being that she can, like, make plastic things distort and stab enemies.

8. Magical Girl Costume: I roll 53 (Maid) and 64 (Hero Scarf).  It’s pretty easy to imagine a peach-colored maid uniform with a red hero scarf a la Kamen Rider. It could be made of plastic, but I don’t really want to go there, so let’s move on.

9/10. Attributes: I roll 16, which gives me Heart 3, Fury 6, Magic 9 and Charm 7, Insight 4, Tenacity 3. I guess Mitsuki isn’t so bad at dealing with people, but if her Heart 3 is any indication it’s something of an act.

11. Mitsuki’s Base Resolve is 18, like every starting magical girl.

12. For her finisher I roll a 5, which is Powerful Attack.

12½. For a name for her finisher I roll 43/23/13, which gives me “Plasma Dive Bomber.” It’s not bad, but it doesn’t really fit with the rest, so I try rolling again. 32/62/46 gives me “Mutation Shower Magic,” which seems a bit more appropriate for a magical girl whose elemental power is plastic.

13. Crisis: For this I get a 66, which is, “I remember the end of the world, as clear as if it had just happened to me a moment ago. I have to try to stop it.”

So what do we have here? Arisugawa Mitsuki has a passion for writing, but lately she’s been losing her mind over a boy named Akira, and generally acting like an idiot when he’s around. The fluffy romance stories she’s been writing aren’t going anywhere at all, so when Pyonkichi showed up offering her magical powers, she took it, with the aim of wishing to become a popular writer so Akira would notice her. I’m imagining her having short hair and glasses, and looking much more girly in her magical girl form. She accidentally discovered her ability to walk through walls basically while stalking Akira, and he’s been a bit freaked out by her since then. That was bad enough, but as the campaign opens she has this burning vision/memory of the end of the world, and she’s certain that Akira is involved in some way.

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